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Walkthrough Sanitizer Tunnel

The WALK THROUGH SANITIZER TUNNEL sanitizer from PS AIR TECH is uniquely design for the entry and the exists at the hospital operation theater, public transport entry & any place which needs to be safety before entry. Due to its continuous process it can be use in the crowded area for entry and exist of the commuters. Made of SS body and acrylic to protect it from the external agents to enter. Misting nozzles are installed in such way that every part of body is sanitizing by the mist. Booth is comes in both option Automatic and Manual operations.

They are available in both standard and customized designs to suit the requirements of the industry in SS 304/SS 202 and GI Powder coated.

Key Features

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mist formation

Continuous Mist formation of Sanitize water

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1200 x 3800 x 2000 mm

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UV light for sanitization

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LED lights for Lumination

Optional Accessories

  • PVC Curtains at entry and exists
  • PLC programme control system
  • Clean down timer for sanitization