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Stability Chamber

Stability Chambers are widely used in pharmaceutical laboratory, clinical trials, environmental simulation, material testing and ICH stability studies etc. These test chambers are designed to create extremely stable temperature and humidity environments inside closed cabinet, a mandatory condition to analyze the effects of pre-specified conditions on life saving drugs and medicines, biological samples, electronic components and even industrial machine parts etc.


Sr. Item Description
1 GMP Model Material Of Construction. Inside S.S. 304 & Outside S.S.304
2 STD Model Material Of Construction. Inside S.S. 304 & Outside M.S.Powder Coated.
3 Insulation CFC free (ECO-friendly) 70m.m. Thickness PUF (Poly-Urethane Foam) Insulation.
4 Air Circulation Forced air circulation Blower Motor for uniform temperature throughout the chamber.
5 Temperature Range 20° C to 45° C
6 Humidity Range 40% RH to 80% RH
7 Temperature Accuracy ± 0.5° C
8 Humidity Accuracy ± 2.0%RH
9 Temperature Uniformity ± 2.0° C
10 Humidity Uniformity ± 3.0%RH
11 Control system Microprocessor based PID Controller for better Accuracy along with RTD PT-100 & Direct Capacitance Type RH Sensors.
12 Safety System Low water level Safety for Boiler Heaters, Safety Thermostat for safety against temperature Overshoot.
13 Refrigeration System CFC free R134 a (ECO-friendly) refrigerant gas charged in refrigeration system for better performance to achieve and maintain the set condition. By pass system for continues run of compressor
14 Humidity System Humidity is directly display in % RH measured by capacitance type electronic Humidity Sensor.
15 Power 230 VAC Single Phase 50 Hz.

Standard Size(s) & Models Available

Model No. Capacity (Ltrs) Model Inner Size (cm) No of Trays Quantity
PS/SC/120S 120 STD Model 45 x 45 x 60 2 1
PS/SC/120G 120 GMP Model 45 x 45 x 60 2 1
PS/SC/200S 200 STD Model 50 x 50 x 80 2 1
PS/SC/200G 200 GMP Model 50 x 50 x 80 2 1

Optional Accessories

  • RS-485 Communication Card for Temperature Controller.
  • RS-485 Communication Card for Humidity Controller.
  • Printer/PC Interface unit (Data Logger) with 1500 Readings Storage Capacity.
  • Dedicated Safety Controller for Safety against Temperature Overshoot-Undershoot, Humidity Overshoot-Undershoot, Low Water level Safety. (Alongwith RTD PT-100 Temperature Sensor & Direct Capacitance type RH Sensor.)
  • Extra Stainless Steel (SS 304) Rod Type Tray.for Stability Chamber.