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Fan Filter Unit

PS AIR TECH cleanroom fan filter units are self-contained devices that utilize HEPA or ULPA filters. We offer a full line of standard and custom fan filter units, with numerous options available to meet your specific cleanroom requirements.MAC 10 Original comes standard with the filter integral with the unit housing, requiring the unit to be removed from the ceiling grid to replace the filter.

The RSR unit has the filter sealed to the unit using the knife edge/gel seal construction, allowing the filter to be replaced from the room side. The RSRE unit has the added feature of allowing the motor blower and filter to be replaced from the room side.

Salient Features

  • Low sound, low watts, low profile, and low operating costs.
  • Three speed switch features low, medium, and high settings; standard on all 2 ft. x 4 ft. units
  • Solid state speed controller standard on 2 ft. x 2 ft., 2 ft. x 3 ft., and all RSR units.
  • Forward-curved centrifugal fan.
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) UL900 Filter: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 Micron.
  • Snap-in pre-filter allows for easy replacement and maintenance.
  • Walkable Plenum (excluding pre-filter), rated at 250 lbs.
  • Mill finished SS304/POWDER COATED/aluminum exterior.
  • Tested to IEST recommended standards.
  • UL Listed (115V, 208-240V, 277V) with standard UL900 filter, File number E152685 (UL507).

Optional Features

  • Solid-State Speed Control: Available on 2 ft. x 4 ft. (600 mm x 1,210 mm) standard units; allows for a full range of settings.
  • Room-Side Replacement (RSR) available with gel seal filter element; filter is replacement from the room side.
  • RSRE provides filter and motor/blower assembly replacement from the room side.
  • Ultra-low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filter: 99.9995% efficient @ 0.12 micron (U15).
  • PTFE boron-free ULPA filter.
  • Airflow Indicator Light: Allows external monitoring of motor operation. Green indicator is on during normal operation.
  • Monitoring and Control System: On-site or remote monitoring and adjustment.
  • CE Marked: 230V units available.
  • Duct Collar 10” (254 mm) and 12” (305 mm): Allows direct connection to the air conditioning supply (shipped loose).
  • Fluorescent Light: Provides illumination with minimal airflow disruption.
  • Ion Bar: Neutralizes static charges below the filter. (Power supply required.)
  • Finish: Powder coat painted or stainless steel.
  • Room-side 3/8” Challenge Port and Static Port: Offers convenient aerosol challenge and filter testing.
  • 3/4” Knife Edge: Permits easy placement in gel track ceiling grid system (available on RSR and RSRE units only).
  • Custom sizes and configurations available; perfect for mini-environment applications.
  • Metric sizes available.