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Air Curtains

PS AIR TECH air curtains range especially designed to be installed in reduced spaces to create a barrier between two different areas. They create an effective barrier up to a distance of 1.5 m. Because of the volume/power ratio, they also fulfil a purpose as a heating element.

The installation of this type of air curtains is recommended in cases such as kiosk windows, service windows that must be opened to assist the public, windows which, due to differences in temperature, have a tendency to steam up and make exterior vision difficult.

PS AIR TECH Air Curtains are the perfect way to provide your premises with a comfortable, clean and hygienic environment while saving energy with a quiet, efficient and powerful operation.

Salient Features

  • Our air curtains are quite and have a very low vibration effect ensuring unnoticeable presence and operation in any installation.
  • It gives excellent protection from dust and other unwarranted particles suspended in air from entering in the work area and works as an invisible air barrier.
  • Reduces air conditioning cost and increases the efficiency of the cooling units.
  • The drafts are reduced on installations of our air showers, thus increasing the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Air velocity of our air curtains are customized for different applications and it can be optimized to prevent/reduce the entry of dust, pollen grains, insects etc without disturbing the occupants of the premises.
  • Elegant design, super style and ease of installation makes our air curtains very popular in different quarters of our market.


Sr. Model Size
1 PS-AC-600 Size Door Width 600 mm
2 PS-AC-900 Size Door Width 900 mm
3 PS-AC-1200 Size Door Width 1200 mm
4 PS-AC-1500 Size Door Width 1500 mm
5 PS-AC-1800 Size Door Width 1800 mm